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Pete biking on trail


Manager, Mechanic, Sales Associate

Pete has been biking since he could walk. He is an active mountain, road, cyclocross, downhill, street and touring cyclist. Pete is a member of our local groups: Port Townsend Bicycle Association, Quimper Trails Association, Jefferson Trails Coalition, the Port Townsend's Non-Motorized Transportation Board and our nationwide groups: International Mountain Bicycle Association. Pete would love to see you out on the bike of your choice! Stop in and tell him what you're passionate about!

Nicole is biking in forest

NICOLE  Office Manager

Nicole moved to Port Townsend in April of 2009. She was involved with Jefferson Trails Coalition (Peninsula Trails Coalition- that cool group involved in the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Larry Scott Trail!), and the Rhody Run Board, and Port Townsend Bicycle Association. She's been leading women's rides since the spring of 2011 and hopes they continue indefinitely. She was a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor (LCI) and has volunteered with the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department, YMCA and Blue Heron Middle School to teach "bicycle safety and adventures!" She loves biking and would love to share a ride with you.

Dan is smiling about bicycle repairs

DAN  Sales Associate and Mechanic

Dan strolled in one day and demanded a job as a mechanic. He proved himself worthy, patient, understanding, and full of wit. Dan loves biking to work, and loves to bake treats.  Come by to hear any of his great stories, or see him turning a wrench.

Scott with a bike and mountain top view

SCOTT   Mechanic

Scott grew up working on motorcycles which evolved into careers in Automotive R&D, Product Development, and Aeronautical Engineering.  He has come full circle back to twisting wrenches at The Broken Spoke. He rides road and MTB enjoying both. He is happiest being active outside, exploring, and appreciating the natural beauty of our area.

bicycle mechanic

JAMES  Mechanic

James thinks that bikes are the best. He has so much experience repairing and maintaining bicycles, during his interview he asked if he could bring his personal tools to use while at work. He loves organizing and keeping moving things moving. 

James loves spending time sailing with his family in his time off. 

chimp is riding a tricycle

ISAAC  Beginner Mechanic

Isaac started working at The Broken Spoke in January of 2023. He's passionate about mountain biking, street riding, and volunteering with the local trails coalition groups (Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, The Recyclery, and the North Kitsap Mountain Vikes).

Over the last five years, he has learned about what it takes to maintain a bike and appreciates all the work and expertise that goes into bicycle maintenance and repair. 

He looks forward to an excellent year of riding. 

Bruno jumping a bike

BRUNO  Beginner Mechanic, Sales Associate

I am currently in High School. I got my first bike at The Broken Spoke when I was two years old. I’ve loved bikes ever since. I try to get out and ride as much as possible.

You do not have to be fearless. Doing it afraid is just as brave.

IAN  Beginner Mechanic

Ian has been an avid cyclist from a young age. He is always enthusiastic to learn about new bike stuff. He enjoys sharing his passion for BMX. Want to go for a ride?

chainsaw mermaid being hugged by Emily

Emily  Sales Associate

Emily joined The Broken Spoke in January 2024. She is a seasoned bike commuter who has dabbled in triathlons and enjoys the challenge of transporting big things by bike.

When not at the shop or out riding, she enjoys rowing, scuba diving, sailing, drawing, reading, and cooking. She has lived in seven states and has visited all but one (eyes on you, North Dakota).

Paul smiling in the snow wearing his bike helmet

PAUL  Mechanic

Paul’s been pedaling for most of his life — whether that’s commuting in the UK, touring in Montana, gravel riding in Kansas, or beach cruising in California. 


He spends his time wrenching on bikes, backpacking with his dog, and exploring the west coast in his van —— and would love to get your bike tuned up for future adventures!

Interested in joining our team? The Broken Spoke of Port Townsend seeks highly motivated, responsible people to join our service team.  The Broken Spoke is committed to providing our customers’ with quality service and a unique small town bike shop experience. We believe in professional, well-trained employees who make visiting The Broken Spoke a rewarding experience.  


We are looking for organized and dependable candidates.  Wage is depending on experience.


Interested individuals should email their resume and cover letter to Cover letter should include answers to the following:

1) Why you would make a good part of our team,

2) What you can bring to our shop (for example skills, experience, etc),

3) What makes you interested in The Broken Spoke.  


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