Manager, Mechanic, Sales Associate

Pete has been biking since he could walk. He is an active mountain, road, cyclocross, downhill, street and touring cyclist. Pete is a member of our local groups: Port Townsend Bicycle Association, Quimper Trails Association, Jefferson Trails Coalition, the Port Townsend's Non-Motorized Transportation Board and our nationwide groups: International Mountain Bicycle Association. Pete would love to see you out on the bike of your choice! Stop in and tell him what you're passionate about!

NICOLE  Office Manager, Ride Leader

Nicole moved to Port Townsend in April of 2009. She was involved with Jefferson Trails Coalition (Peninsula Trails Coalition- that cool group involved in the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Larry Scott Trail!), and the Rhody Run Board, and Port Townsend Bicycle Association. She's been leading women's rides since the spring of 2011 and hopes they continue indefinitely. She was a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor (LCI) and has volunteered with the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department, YMCA and Blue Heron Middle School to teach "bicycle safety and adventures!" She loves biking and would love to share a ride with you.

DAN  Mechanic

Dan strolled in one day and demanded a job as a mechanic. He proved himself worthy, patient, understanding, and full of wit. Dan bikes to work all four of his work days each week, and loves to bake treats.  Come by to hear any of his great stories, or see him turning a wrench.

MEGHAN  Mechanic and Sales Associate

While I do ride the roads and trails a lot, I've always had a heart for riding my bike for transportation—starting when I was a kid riding to school to an adult riding my bike to work. My passion is to get people back out on their bikes; whichever bikes those might be. My bike adventures have taken me from the mountains of Tahoe to the beaches of Maui. I love to be on two wheels, exploring new ways of getting from point A to point B. I'm always excited to see what the next big thing will be. For now, it's enjoying the PNW!

HENRY  Sales Associate

Ever since he went on his first mountain bike ride in seventh grade he has been hooked. He has wanted to work at The Broken Spoke since freshman year in high school, when he first started to break bike parts. He enjoys biking because it is fast, and a lot of fun to do stupid things and come out alright (most of the time). He loves talking about and working on bikes, and is always curious about the latest tech.

LEAF Sales Associate

Leaf joined our team in the fall of 2019. Leaf enjoys a good bike ride... of all types. He rides with his family, with others, on trail, on road, loaded for camping, and for commutes to work. 

In his spare time, Leaf gardens with his children and plays ukelele.

Interested in joining our team? The Broken Spoke of Port Townsend seeks highly motivated, responsible people to join our service team.  The Broken Spoke is committed to providing our customers’ with quality service and a unique small town bike shop experience. We believe in professional, well-trained employees who make visiting The Broken Spoke a rewarding experience.  


We are looking for organized and dependable candidates.  Wage is depending on ability, availability and experience.


Interested individuals should email their resume and cover letter to Cover letter should include answers to the following:

1) Why you would make a good part of our team,

2) What you can bring to our shop (for example skills, experience, etc),

3) What makes you interested in The Broken Spoke.  


Supplying our local commuters, athletes, and recreational riders with all their cycling needs.

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