We believe that the perfect bike maximizes fun and helps you grow into the cyclist you want to be. Whether you'd like help identifying your needs, or need to pinpoint which components will round out your ride, we're here to help you make an informed decision. Our inventory consists largely of Trek. By carrying Trek, we are able to offer the widest array of products in order to accommodate most cyclists needs. We primarily sell new bikes, however, we also sell rental and kids' bikes at a discounted price based on the condition of the bike. Select demo bikes and previous model year's bikes are also available at a discounted price.


We install all accessories purchased with the bike free of labor charge, or, you receive 10% off the cost of accessories purchased with the bike.

We register your bike with Trek Care, qualifying you for Trek's lifetime warranty. Read more about Trek Care and Carbon Care.

You receive free minor maintenance for one year. Minor maintenance includes brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, and minor wheel truing.

FX and FX Sport are fast, fun, comfortable, and agile enough for a multitude of uses. They're perfect for crushing your morning workout, enjoying your daily commute, or cruising to the farmer's market.

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FX 3 Women's Disc

FX 3 Disc

FX 2 Disc Women's

FX 2 Disc




Verve is the versatile, easy-riding hybrid bike that will carry you wherever you want to go. It’s a light, fun, comfortable companion mile after mile. Enjoy the ride! Pavement or path, recreation or fitness, charity ride or commute, the smooth-riding Verve hybrid makes every mile fun and easy.

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Verve is a true hybrid, which means it scores top marks in versatility. Each model has a wide-range drivetrain with lots of gears for terrain that varies in elevation, wide tires for stability on all surfaces, and disc brakes for stopping power in all weather conditions.

Verve 2 Women's

Verve 2


Dual Sport

Dual Sport


Dual Sport is an adventure-loving hybrid bike that’s equally at home on pavement, bike paths, and trail. Rather than limit you to a single type of riding, Dual Sport lets you explore a wide variety of terrain. It’s light and fast like a road bike, tough on the trail, and built with commute-ready features like mounts for a rear rack!

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Dual Sport 2 Women's

Dual Sport 1 Women's

DS  2

DS 1



The go-anywhere Townie. Ride with abandon with a wide range of 21 speeds equipped to handle hills. Appreciate the distinct, modern clean lines of the innovative Electra Flat Foot Technology frame or customize it to fit your needs with extras like racks, bags, and baskets.

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Townie 21D

Supplying our local commuters, athletes, and recreational riders with all their cycling needs.

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