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Beginner Maintenance Class


The Broken Spoke is hosting a very Basic Beginner Bike Maintenance Class.


We hope this class will support your comfort in keeping your bike in good condition at home. We want you to feel confident and comfortable while riding your bike! 


**This class is catered towards a cyclist who needs a little instruction on how to adjust basic bike parts and pump bike tires. 


Included Topics (but not limited to)


  • Saddle height

  • Handlebar rotation

  • Brake lever reach


How to use quick releases

  • For wheels and seatposts


What is a hex wrench and how do I use it to adjust parts of my bike?

  • Seatpost clamps

  • Handlebar clamps

  • Brake/shift levers


Basic Maintenance

  • How to pump my tires

  • Inflation rules for tires

  • How and when to lube my chain

Classes are (generally) third Wednesdays  6pm-7:30pm

Classes are limited to 6 participants. Registration is required. Call us to reserve your space. 360-379-1295. If you know your questions, please let us know as you register. Otherwise bring them to class!

Additionally, if these dates don't work, let us know and we can see what we can do. 

Class is $10. We are offering coupons for free entry to the class for those who have purchased a bike from us within the last six months dated back from the class. 

female checking her bicycle chain
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