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The Broken Spoke is a member of:

International Mountain Bike Alliance

"We create, enhance, and protect great places to ride mountain bikes."

IMBA logo

National Bicycle Dealers Association 

Their goal is to "strengthen the specialty bike dealer."

NBDA logo

Adventure Cycling Association 
"We inspire, empower and connect a growing community of bicycle travelers."

Adventure cycling logo

And proud supporters of:

The Broken Spoke shop team. (currently not active)

The Broken Spoke logo

Local bike organizations include:

Quimper Trails Association
"We are a group of mountain bikers who build and maintain trails in Jefferson County, Washington."

Local Race Series:

NW Cup
"The NW Cup is the premier DH series in the Pacific Northwest. Join the top downhill riders in this six-race series across the Northwest. Each race is surrounded by a whole weekend of festivities including shuttled practice, happy hours, giveaways, toddler hot walk competitions, and of course the constant party in the woods."

NorthWest Cup logo

Peninsula Adventure Sports
"Founded in 2013, Peninsula Adventure Sports was created to showcase the Olympic Peninsula as one of the premier outdoor recreation destinations in the country"

Peninsula Adventure Sports logo

NWEpic Series

"From the dry, sunny eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, to the wild, wet forests of the west, we offer premier cross-country mountain bike racing in the great state of Washington! There's a race for everyone, with distances from 9 miles up to 100 miles!"

NW Epic Series logo
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