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Custom builds are a great option for customers who desire a unique bike that goes above and beyond the offerings of our regular stock bikes. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for on our sales floor, we can help you build your bike, part by part. Customs builds can happen in a variety of ways. Perhaps you have a frame you'd like to build up for a specific type of riding, or you want to start from scratch. The custom build process allows you to utilize the shop's expertise, access a wide variety of parts and components, and walk away with a bike that precisely fulfills your vision.

open pamphlet of bicycle color options
open pamphlet of bicycle frame build options

Custom builds are also available via Trek's custom bike program, Project One. Project One lets you to build the bike of your dreams by choosing everything from handlebar width to cable housing color. If you want a specific paint color, or you're interested in a bike but prefer a different wheelset than what comes stock, Project One may be a great option for you. The customer selects their frame, paint colors, drivetrain, components, and accessories. Once you feel confident about your build, your order is sent to Trek where it is painted and assembled. The bike is then sent to our shop, rebuilt, and off into the hands of the rider.

Contact the shop for more details about the custom build process. To learn more about Project One, check out Trek's website.

sunset inspired frame color
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