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Tools used for professional bicycle fitting

We offer bike fitting based on the Fit Kit system. Fittings are provided at different levels depending on the rider's needs. The fit process expands on the more general process of being sized for a bike, in which general measurements are considered in order to select the best frame size for a rider. The fit process dials in your ride even further, providing you with specific information about how to select and adjust your bike's components to meet your body's specific needs. We keep your measurements on file so you may utilize them at any time.

Fittings are not included with the purchase of a bike. Fittings are by appointment only—call or email the shop to schedule a fitting.

Basic Fitting

The fitter takes your body measurements to assist in selecting an accurate frame size and optimizing component dimensions such as:

30—45 min.

Saddle height

Stem and crank arm length

Handlebar width

Full Fit

30—45 min. + 1 hr.

In addition to the Basic Fitting, the Full Fit applies body measurements to existing or new bike(s).


After the Basic Fitting, we meet for an additional consultation to apply the measurements from your fitting, and utilize a trainer to check for minor adjustments (such as optimal saddle height, saddle fore and aft, and cleat/pedal adjustments) to provide the best fit possible. Further consultation is available.

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