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We want to help you find the perfect bike to suit your needs. We believe that the perfect bike maximizes fun and helps you grow into the cyclist you want to be. Whether you'd like help identifying your needs, or need to pinpoint which components will round out your ride, we're here to help you make an informed decision. Coming in the shop gives you the opportunity to voice your needs, learn about your options, and test each bike for yourself. Each of our bikes is professionally assembled and maintained by a mechanic, ensuring an uncompromised experience.
Our inventory consists largely of Trek. By carrying Trek, we are able to offer the widest array of products in order to accommodate most cyclists needs. We believe that your purchase should last a lifetime. Trek's history of precision engineering and unbeatable customer service give us confidence that our customers will have a lasting, quality experience. We primarily sell new bikes, however, we also sell rental and kids' bikes at a discounted price based on the condition of the bike. Select demo bikes and previous model year's bikes are also available at a discounted price.


  • We install all accessories purchased with the bike free of labor charge, or, you receive 10% off the cost of accessories purchased with the bike.

  • You receive free minor maintenance for one year. Minor maintenance includes brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, and minor wheel truing.

  • We register your bike with Trek Care, qualifying you for Trek's lifetime warranty. Read more about Trek Care and Carbon Care.

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Fuel EX

Modern trail geometry, 29˝ or 27.5˝ mid-fat options, and 130mm of travel make Fuel EX the one go-to full suspension trail bike for all riders. Want a rugged, capable long-travel trail bike with the responsiveness of an XC bike? This is it. Fuel EX blends the best of both worlds in one uncompromised package.

Learn more about Fuel EX.

Trek Fuel EX 5 bicycle

Fuel EX 5


Roscoe is the ideal trail hardtail. Wide 2.8˝ tires serve up an extra helping of confidence-inspiring traction, gripping relentlessly in uneven terrain and rolling over trail obstructions with ease. Want the capability of a full-suspension trail bike with the simplicity of a hardtail? Look no further. Roscoe is the 27.5+ mid-fat mountain bike that makes every ride better than the last.

Learn more about Roscoe.

Roscoe 8

Roscoe 7 Women's



Marlin takes its cue from light, fast XC bikes. The right wheel size for each frame size, performance caliber, and unbeatable ride feel make Marlin the perfect trail rider. When you're ready for longer days on the bike, bigger challenges on the trail, and all the fun of the full mountain biking experience, you're ready for Marlin.

Learn more about Marlin.

Marlin 7

Marlin 5



Domane is the road bike built to carry you over rougher roads with remarkable efficiency. Stay stronger longer with Domane's stable endurance geometry and road-smoothing IsoSpeed technology. IsoSpeed is a decoupler integrated into the frame that acts as micro shock absorption. Isospeed works by “decoupling" the seat tube from the top tube, allowing the seat tube to flex with the forces of the road. The SL models also have front Isospeed, providing additional compliance in the steerer tube. The Domane is available with either rim or disc brakes.

Learn more about Domane.

Domane SL 6 Disc

Domane ALR 4 Disc

Domane ALR 3

Domane AL 2 Women's





FX offers a best-of-both-worlds combination of road bike speed and city bike versatility. It’s the perfect fitness hybrid bike, and so much more. FX is fast, fun, comfortable, and agile enough for a multitude of uses. From fitness and commuting to errands and mellow Sunday loops, you’ll find your new favorite ride on FX.

Learn more about FX.

FX 3 Women's

FX 3

FX 2 Disc Women's

FX 2 Disc


Verve is the versatile, easy-riding hybrid bike that will carry you wherever you want to go. It’s a light, fun, comfortable companion mile after mile. Enjoy the ride! Pavement or path, recreation or fitness, charity ride or commute, the smooth-riding Verve hybrid makes every mile fun and easy.

Learn more about Verve.

Verve 2 Women's

Verve 2


DS Series is the ultimate hybrid: part refined city bike, part adventurous trail ride. Fast 700c wheels, capable suspension, and a light, strong frame make DS the go-anywhere choice. Why choose between road and trail? DS is built for adventure on or off the road, ready to take you from week to weekend and back in comfortable, confident style.

Learn more about DS.

DS  2

DS 1


The go-anywhere Townie. Ride with abandon with a wide range of 21 speeds equipped to handle hills. Appreciate the distinct, modern clean lines of the innovative Electra Flat Foot Technology frame or customize it to fit your needs with extras like racks, bags, and baskets.

Learn more about Townie.

Townie 21D



Trek Kids' mountain bikes are the real deal, with light frames, knobby tires, quality parts, durable construction, and Dialed adjustable components that can grow with young riders. Adventurous kids deserve a true, trail-ready bike that will take them down the road or off the road with confidence and control.

Learn more about Precaliber.

Precaliber 24" 21-speed 

Precaliber 20" 6-speed 

Precaliber 20" Single-speed 

Precaliber 16" Single-speed 

Precaliber 24" 21-speed 

Precaliber 20" 6-speed 

Precaliber 20" Single-speed 

Precaliber 16" Single-speed 


Strider 12 Sport

Balance bikes are designed with only foot propulsion to teach the fundamentals of riding. When the fundamentals of balance and steering are mastered, transitioning to a bicycle with pedals is easy. When learning to ride, a child needs to experience how leaning and steering affects the balance of the bike. By starting out on a balance bike, your child will develop balance, coordination, and confidence!

Learn more about Strider Balance Bikes.

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